The Shock and Awe of Employment

When I was in my undergrad at CSU, Northridge (Go Matadors!) I discovered a passion – editing and proofreading the writing of others.  Or more specifically and as others might put it, fixing people’s mistakes.

Since then, I have offered my services as a freelancer to friends, family, and friends of friends.  Most of the time I did research or term papers but on occasion I would get to do fun stuff like create, proofread, edit, and distribute a birthday fact sheet or proofread/edit creative writing such as short stories and novels.

Sadly, I did not have the time to consider completing an internship in the editing/publishing field during my undergrad because I was commuting to school which I was attending full time and working part time whenever possible.  So naturally when I graduated and started looking for a job in my desired field I lacked the necessary experience which I would have gained from an internship.  Hindsight truly is 20/20. Continue reading “The Shock and Awe of Employment”


The World of Unemployment

In November, I will be done with my M.A. in English.  I quit the instructional aide position I had before starting my M.A. in order to move closer to my campus and focus on school.  However, I did try to find a part-time job while going to school so that I could have at least some income.  Sadly, I only had a handful of calls and only one interview while I lived there.  I recently moved back home since I can’t afford to live alone anymore, and wouldn’t you know it I still can’t seem to get a job.

*Side note: My ideal area of employment is editorial or publications.*

I’ve changed up my resume multiple times.

I’ve written so many cover letters I can’t remember them all. Continue reading “The World of Unemployment”

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