Recently, I have been subbing as a front desk clerk and the experience has taught me quite a bit.

1) First and foremost, patience is everything.

2) Secretaries, receptionists, and administrative assistants are expected to know all there is to know about the entire company they work for.  Seriously.

For reasons one and two, I have deep respect for anyone working a front desk.

3) Front desk employees are not allowed to make mistakes and they DO NOT get second chances.

When you make a mistake at the front desk (i.e., transfer someone to the wrong extension; give slightly misinformed wrong information; aren’t sure who they should talk to) you are no longer a trustworthy individual to speak to and the next obvious demand from the individual calling or physically present is to demand to speak to the superintendent.

4) You are a child who requires the walk-in/caller to provide excessive detail spoken slowly, loudly, and often in a demeaning and angry tone. Continue reading ““Good morning, how can I help you?””