Information Overload

My brain has too many tabs open.

Too many things are grabbing my attention

and I’m processing slow.

It’s a drag.

Like a virus clogging up synapse highways.

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“The Seventh Inning Stretch”

My grandfather recently passed and I’ve been in a bit of a creative slump.  So the last few weeks I have made it a mission of mine to do more writing and be more creative.  I came across this prompt in my Pinterest from a while ago and thought that it might help get some of the weight I’ve been feeling about his passing.  I originally pinned this prompt because I found it to be interesting (although not fantastically new in any way) and when I came across it the other day it seemed morbidly fitting for my mood.  The good news is, my grandfather was always a very happy and light-hearted man and his funeral was much the same.  Continue reading ““The Seventh Inning Stretch””

Forbidden Basement Pt. II

First, let me preface this by saying that I have had a lot going on lately and offer my apologies for making my readers wait so long to read the second half of the story.  I meant to get it online two weeks ago but never got around to it.

But the good news… here it is!  It’s really more like the last 4/5 of the story because it is so much longer than I intended.  So thank you for reading and I hope the lengthy cliffhanger was worth it when you read the rest.  Enjoy!

“Forbidden Basement” (continued) by Sabrina Buie

Harper pulled her long cardigan tight around her and kept her arms crossed as she stared into the dark abyss of the basement.  She could see the faint glow of muddled sunlight coming in through a small window somewhere down there.  A few stairs down there was an old dusty light switch.  She stepped cautiously down to the third step and reached out to flip the switch.  It made a light click, but nothing happened.  She flipped it off and on again a couple more times.  Still nothing.  The moonlight streaming into the basement was not comfort enough for her to venture any further into the dark, dank basement so she backtracked quickly up the stairs and closed the door behind her.  Continue reading “Forbidden Basement Pt. II”

Forbidden Basement

And the writing continues!  Here is my latest (partial) short story.  I submitted the one from my last post to a short story contest.  Crossing my fingers!  I everyone enjoys this one.  Thanks for reading :]

“Forbidden Basement” by Sabrina Buie a.k.a. Me!

Last week Harper moved into this cute little 800 square foot house in the suburbs of Los Angeles.  She used “cute” to describe the fifty-year-old shanty of a house when anyone else would have called it a run-down dump.  But Harper has always adored weathered and antique things.  When she was little, her favorite activity at her grandparent’s house was to sneak into their office and smell the old books on the shelves lining the west side of the room.  Antique shops and thrift stores are also favorites of hers.

So this tiny house with peeling shutters, dingy paint, curling shingles, and a minuscule overgrown lawn was something of gold mine to Harper.  Through her eyes she saw unique window treatments on an antique exterior with a charming roof and a yard for her corgi.  The first thing she did was buy a lawn mower and fix up the yard.  It took her two days after work to make it look presentable.  Next, she spent three afternoons and evenings cleaning every crevice of the inside of the house and began unloading the boxes of her few possessions and decorating.

At the back of the kitchen, there were two doors – one led to the backyard and one to the forbidden basement.  When Harper went to the open house before contacting the agent she had wandered into the kitchen and was surprised to find two doors at the back since the pantry was near the front of the kitchen by the refrigerator.  At first she thought it might be an extra restroom or closet accidentally left off of the listing.  She opened the back door and inspected the yard from the doorway.  It was even smaller than the front yard and didn’t take long to scan.  Next she tried the door immediately behind the back door and found it locked.  Confused, she found the agent showing the house and inquired as to why the door was locked and what it led to.

The agent, a plastered smile on her face, hesitated.  There was a flash of panic in her eyes but she recovered swiftly. Continue reading “Forbidden Basement”

Don’t Touch the Walls

As I said in a previous post, I have been working on trying to write every day.  Here is one of my recent creations that I ended up liking quite a bit.

“Don’t Touch the Walls” by Me! (Sabrina Buie)

She felt something sharp delving into her shoulder blade as she struggled to wake.  Forcing her eyes open to slits she found her vision blurry.  She saw clouds above her and large ivy covered walls on either side.  Why the hell am I outside?  And where am I?  She pushed herself awkwardly up onto her elbows.  Her back and neck were stiff as if she’d been laying on the ground for hours; her shoulder was especially sore from the rock that had been digging into it.

Carefully, she stood up and stretched her back and legs.  It was overcast and warm outside but it looked like the late afternoon.  Straight ahead of her was a long walkway with either a dead end or a curve at the end because there was another wall of ivy.  She turned around and found the same.  Hanging from the ivy on the wall to her left was a small wooden sign, weather beaten and faded, which read: “You have one hour.  Don’t touch the walls.”  An hour to do what, escape?

“Hello!  Anyone there?”  She shouted.  The echo of her words was the only reply.  Then silence.  Great. Continue reading “Don’t Touch the Walls”

Amateur Writer Phase 2

In September of this year I shared with readers my amateur attempt at writing a novel.  Since then, I started and finished the final quarter of my graduate program, started working part time, and had overwhelming family issues to handle.

As you might assume, I have not added very many pages since I last posted.  However, I have added to it!  That’s something, if you ask me.

I’ve determined who my villain is (I think this is finally set in stone) and the background story of my protagonist.  Also in the works is a romance between my protagonist and her ultra-hot, mysterious, southern neighbor.

Some things I’m considering:

  • Perhaps my protagonist needs a dog.  A big, fluffy, lovable “guard dog.”
  • Perhaps the fluffy dog will have a sophisticated name combined with a clumsy personality.
  • Perhaps my protagonist needs a different occupation.
  • Perhaps the romance of the novel will be something of a Stephanie Plum nature – complicated but layered with humor.
  • Perhaps, the novel needs more round and interesting characters, unless I decide to keep it in heavily drenched in the psychological.  In which case most of my characters could be flat and merely props.

These are just a few things I’ve been considering.  I’ve also been considering posting a portion of what I have written for outside critique.  But I so hate rejection and as of right now I quite enjoy what I have written.  It needs work – a lot of work.  But I enjoy it.  I think it has potential.  Even if that potential ultimately leads to self-publication and it only being read by friends and family.  That would be a success to me!

I will report again once three more months have passed and we shall see where the novel has progressed to.

Happy reading, writing, living, and loving!

Enjoy the sun and moon, WriterlyBite patrons.


Getting Myself Writing

I’ve decided to start trying to complete some form of creative writing on a more frequent basis.  I don’t always have the inspiration (or time) to dedicate to my amateur novel – though it is constantly tumbling around in my head.  I get writers block easily when something doesn’t come out exactly as I want it to which leads to the slippery slope of me ignoring it until inspiration strikes.  My hope is that these other bits of creative writing will help jump start or inspire my novel, and perhaps they themselves will turn into something larger in the future as well or even become part of my novel.

Today, I picked out a fun prompt I found weeks ago and took a shot in the dark at a free write.  Turns out I really like where it’s going.  I see short story potential which is exciting!  So I’m going to Continue reading “Getting Myself Writing”

NaNoWriMo Time!

It’s that time of year again.  NaNoWriMo time!  The creative writer in me is drawn to this every year and yet, it is so hard to find the time to actually sit down and participate.  For instance, this morning I should have been reading The House of Mirth for class this evening.  Did I do that?  No.  Instead, I decided to spend that time contributing to my NaNoWriMo word count.  Was that the best decision for my time?  Definitely not.  I should have spent that time reading for class.  But the creative writer in my was screaming for attention and demanded that I put some words on the page…so I did.  I’m not one bit mad about it either. Continue reading “NaNoWriMo Time!”

Writing, Coffee, and Post-its

By now I have the beginnings of various novels and short stories, along with copious poems.  Two years ago I started writing (another) novel.  But unlike so many of my other false starts, I kept thinking about it and turning it over and over in my head.  Unfortunately, when I went back to school for my M.A. most of my spare time for personal writing went out the window, even more so when my grandfather became very ill (he’s currently doing much better for the especially caring readers out there).

After spending most of the summer job hunting (and coming up empty), I met up with a new acquaintance to talk about getting online writing jobs (sadly, this has yet to pan out either).  However, this page came out of it and I have truly been enjoying the little time I give myself to write and explore the writing of others. Continue reading “Writing, Coffee, and Post-its”

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