My family is full of NFL lovers.  Every season is exciting, but what makes them that much more exciting is that every single one of us has a different favorite team.  Just in my immediate family we have five different teams: Dad – Cowboys, Mom – Steelers, Brother – 49ers, Sister – Broncos, and me – Eagles (dad and I have quite the gracious rivalry, seriously).  Then it branches out and my dad’s parents are Chiefs fans, my mom’s mom likes the Bengals, my uncle likes the Packers, my other uncle likes the Chargers, my sister’s boyfriend likes the Bears, and my cousin likes the Browns.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of shit talking throughout the NFL season.  And don’t get us started on baseball.  Half our family bleeds blue for the Dodgers, and the other half cheers for the Angels (*gross*).  We also have one Giants outlier, but we ignore him.

Anyway, back to football. Continue reading “NFL Season, PJs, and Family Time”