September 2015

The Television Cosmos

There are a few shows in the massive and competitive television cosmos that I find incredibly enjoyable and would like to discuss.  My television entertainment preferences are quite varied; I watch anything from The Good Wife to Archer to Teen Wolf to Grey’s Anatomy (and much more… seriously, I watch so many shows it’s kind of embarrassing).

However, at the top of my must watch list right now are just a handful: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Masters of Sex, and Rectify.  I’ll start with the end of my list and work backwards. Continue reading “The Television Cosmos”


NFL Season, PJs, and Family Time

My family is full of NFL lovers.  Every season is exciting, but what makes them that much more exciting is that every single one of us has a different favorite team.  Just in my immediate family we have five different teams: Dad – Cowboys, Mom – Steelers, Brother – 49ers, Sister – Broncos, and me – Eagles (dad and I have quite the gracious rivalry, seriously).  Then it branches out and my dad’s parents are Chiefs fans, my mom’s mom likes the Bengals, my uncle likes the Packers, my other uncle likes the Chargers, my sister’s boyfriend likes the Bears, and my cousin likes the Browns.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of shit talking throughout the NFL season.  And don’t get us started on baseball.  Half our family bleeds blue for the Dodgers, and the other half cheers for the Angels (*gross*).  We also have one Giants outlier, but we ignore him.

Anyway, back to football. Continue reading “NFL Season, PJs, and Family Time”

The World of Unemployment

In November, I will be done with my M.A. in English.  I quit the instructional aide position I had before starting my M.A. in order to move closer to my campus and focus on school.  However, I did try to find a part-time job while going to school so that I could have at least some income.  Sadly, I only had a handful of calls and only one interview while I lived there.  I recently moved back home since I can’t afford to live alone anymore, and wouldn’t you know it I still can’t seem to get a job.

*Side note: My ideal area of employment is editorial or publications.*

I’ve changed up my resume multiple times.

I’ve written so many cover letters I can’t remember them all. Continue reading “The World of Unemployment”

Writing, Coffee, and Post-its

By now I have the beginnings of various novels and short stories, along with copious poems.  Two years ago I started writing (another) novel.  But unlike so many of my other false starts, I kept thinking about it and turning it over and over in my head.  Unfortunately, when I went back to school for my M.A. most of my spare time for personal writing went out the window, even more so when my grandfather became very ill (he’s currently doing much better for the especially caring readers out there).

After spending most of the summer job hunting (and coming up empty), I met up with a new acquaintance to talk about getting online writing jobs (sadly, this has yet to pan out either).  However, this page came out of it and I have truly been enjoying the little time I give myself to write and explore the writing of others. Continue reading “Writing, Coffee, and Post-its”

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