Hello fellow Word Pressers, writers, and readers!  I am thrilled to announce this brand spanking new page of mine called WriterlyBite which wordpress.com has allowed me to make possible.  In the past I had a simple personal blog where I rambled about my life.  I cannot guarantee that posts on this website will be 100% free of personal stories or references, but my goal is to write about things that intrigue me and hopefully will insight interest in others and spark conversation.

I am open to topic/content suggestions and appreciate constructive criticism.  Without it, how can I, or you, grow as writers, readers, and intellects.  However, if you criticize out of anger or purely to be mean/rude, your comments are not welcome and will be ignored.  Here’s to hoping future posts on this website are more than just fun for me to write and share.

I’ll post again soonish.  In the meantime, below is a picture of my recent trip to Sequoia National Park to give you peace.

Enjoy today’s sun and moon, WriterlyBite patrons!