Forbidden Basement Pt. II

First, let me preface this by saying that I have had a lot going on lately and offer my apologies for making my readers wait so long to read the second half of the story.  I meant to get it online two weeks ago but never got around to it.

But the good news… here it is!  It’s really more like the last 4/5 of the story because it is so much longer than I intended.  So thank you for reading and I hope the lengthy cliffhanger was worth it when you read the rest.  Enjoy!

“Forbidden Basement” (continued) by Sabrina Buie

Harper pulled her long cardigan tight around her and kept her arms crossed as she stared into the dark abyss of the basement.  She could see the faint glow of muddled sunlight coming in through a small window somewhere down there.  A few stairs down there was an old dusty light switch.  She stepped cautiously down to the third step and reached out to flip the switch.  It made a light click, but nothing happened.  She flipped it off and on again a couple more times.  Still nothing.  The moonlight streaming into the basement was not comfort enough for her to venture any further into the dark, dank basement so she backtracked quickly up the stairs and closed the door behind her.  Continue reading “Forbidden Basement Pt. II”


Don’t Touch the Walls

As I said in a previous post, I have been working on trying to write every day.  Here is one of my recent creations that I ended up liking quite a bit.

“Don’t Touch the Walls” by Me! (Sabrina Buie)

She felt something sharp delving into her shoulder blade as she struggled to wake.  Forcing her eyes open to slits she found her vision blurry.  She saw clouds above her and large ivy covered walls on either side.  Why the hell am I outside?  And where am I?  She pushed herself awkwardly up onto her elbows.  Her back and neck were stiff as if she’d been laying on the ground for hours; her shoulder was especially sore from the rock that had been digging into it.

Carefully, she stood up and stretched her back and legs.  It was overcast and warm outside but it looked like the late afternoon.  Straight ahead of her was a long walkway with either a dead end or a curve at the end because there was another wall of ivy.  She turned around and found the same.  Hanging from the ivy on the wall to her left was a small wooden sign, weather beaten and faded, which read: “You have one hour.  Don’t touch the walls.”  An hour to do what, escape?

“Hello!  Anyone there?”  She shouted.  The echo of her words was the only reply.  Then silence.  Great. Continue reading “Don’t Touch the Walls”

The World of Online Reading

There are countless sites to meet the reading interests of people all over the world.  Most often I prefer to read novels, comics, or graphic novels I can hold in my hands and turn the pages.  However, for the last several years I have been reading a particular online comic and occasionally pick up my Kindle (provided by my lovely aunt and uncle).

My previous post about Peter V. Brett’s Demon Cycle series are books that I have read on my Kindle.  In terms of actual online reading, I do occasionally indulge in TED Talks, CNN, Yahoo News, and other sites, but my favorite piece of online reading comes in the form of a comic that I started reading in my undergraduate education at CSUN.  The comic is called Questionable Content (linked to the very first comic) and it is written by Jeph Jacques.  Here is a look at the newest strip as of 8/20/15 – Number 3029: Terrifying Backrub. Continue reading “The World of Online Reading”

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