Movie Month

Although I love going to the theater, I very rarely actually go – until now.  For some reason I have been a movie fiend lately.  I realize this is probably due to the fact that I finally have money to go to the theater and enjoy myself without calculating what’s left in my bank account.  Yay for full-time jobs and a summer filled with movies worth seeing!

The last three movies I saw in theaters were Independence Day: Resurgence, Swiss Army Man, and The Secret Life of Pets. Continue reading “Movie Month”


The Television Cosmos

There are a few shows in the massive and competitive television cosmos that I find incredibly enjoyable and would like to discuss.  My television entertainment preferences are quite varied; I watch anything from The Good Wife to Archer to Teen Wolf to Grey’s Anatomy (and much more… seriously, I watch so many shows it’s kind of embarrassing).

However, at the top of my must watch list right now are just a handful: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Masters of Sex, and Rectify.  I’ll start with the end of my list and work backwards. Continue reading “The Television Cosmos”

The World of Online Reading

There are countless sites to meet the reading interests of people all over the world.  Most often I prefer to read novels, comics, or graphic novels I can hold in my hands and turn the pages.  However, for the last several years I have been reading a particular online comic and occasionally pick up my Kindle (provided by my lovely aunt and uncle).

My previous post about Peter V. Brett’s Demon Cycle series are books that I have read on my Kindle.  In terms of actual online reading, I do occasionally indulge in TED Talks, CNN, Yahoo News, and other sites, but my favorite piece of online reading comes in the form of a comic that I started reading in my undergraduate education at CSUN.  The comic is called Questionable Content (linked to the very first comic) and it is written by Jeph Jacques.  Here is a look at the newest strip as of 8/20/15 – Number 3029: Terrifying Backrub. Continue reading “The World of Online Reading”

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