By now I have the beginnings of various novels and short stories, along with copious poems.  Two years ago I started writing (another) novel.  But unlike so many of my other false starts, I kept thinking about it and turning it over and over in my head.  Unfortunately, when I went back to school for my M.A. most of my spare time for personal writing went out the window, even more so when my grandfather became very ill (he’s currently doing much better for the especially caring readers out there).

After spending most of the summer job hunting (and coming up empty), I met up with a new acquaintance to talk about getting online writing jobs (sadly, this has yet to pan out either).  However, this page came out of it and I have truly been enjoying the little time I give myself to write and explore the writing of others.

Last month I checked out Jack J Binding’s page after he found my page.  He talks a lot about the/his writing process and it got me thinking about my own writing.  So last weekend I took out all of my notes, pages written, post-its, pens, and fresh paper (and coffee, of course) to wade through everything I already had written.

My “organization” process…

It was a hot mess!  To be honest, it still is.  I spent the whole weekend working through the characters I already had in the first two chapters – deciding on their full names, background stories, individual style, etc. – writing a brief synopsis, writing the whole storyline as bare bones (still unfinished), and trying to figure out who would play what roles and why.

Needless to say, I still have a lot of work ahead of me.  All that work being the reason it has taken me two years to pick it back up again.  But I’m excited to say that it is on the move once again and I am really enjoying the process.

What I find most exciting is how close I feel to my characters.  I can see events unraveling in my head just thinking about what plans I have for them.  Putting those events together in a cohesive and effective way will be the hard, but worthwhile part.

When I think about other writers I always wonder who influences them.  If I have learned anything from the countless shows I watch, I feel most connected and thrilled by the shows  that are willing to kill their beloved characters (*clears throat* – Game of Thrones), not just the superfluous ones.  I haven’t yet decided if that will play a role in this first novel, especially since I’m not sure that the way this one will be written leaves room for sequel potential, at this stage anyway.  In the meantime, I write (when I’m not on my perpetual job hunt) and you should too!

Cheers to writing, WriterlyBite patrons!

Enjoy the sun and moon of today, and thanks for reading.