Although I love going to the theater, I very rarely actually go – until now.  For some reason I have been a movie fiend lately.  I realize this is probably due to the fact that I finally have money to go to the theater and enjoy myself without calculating what’s left in my bank account.  Yay for full-time jobs and a summer filled with movies worth seeing!

The last three movies I saw in theaters were Independence Day: Resurgence, Swiss Army Man, and The Secret Life of Pets.

As you might have guessed by the array, I pretty much like everything – science fiction being one of my favorites.  Scary movies are at the bottom of my list but I indulge in those every once in a while.

So here are my thoughts on my most movie outings:

The new Independence Day was good.  Minimal plot line and tons of action.  PERFECT.  However, I did miss the Will Smith sass of the first one.  They tried to use Liam Hemsworth for that and it was entertaining (I enjoyed it) but it isn’t Will Smith sass.  That being said, if you haven’t seen it and you want to be entertained by some fun science fiction, go see it.

The Secret Life of Pets.  What is there to say?  It was a cute kid movie and I really liked it.  Snowball a.k.a. Kevin Hart was by far my favorite.  So funny!  I also really enjoyed Zootopia which is definitely worth watching.  So if you have kids and you haven’t taken them to see either of these, you should.  If you don’t have kids, go see them anyway.  Adults are just big kids…right?

Then there’s Swiss Army Man.  Now this movie is on a whole other level.  I haven’t seen a movie like this in ages.  It’s weird, quirky, strange, hilarious, and sad.  I absolutely loved it.  Daniel Radcliffe is a good sport to say the least and of course a great actor.  Paul Dano is fantastic.  The storyline is captivating in the best yet weirdest way.  All around I thought it was great and I plan to see it again, and probably own it.

In terms of the movie experience in general, I love our local theater (Cinemark 22).  The people are mostly polite and helpful, the theater is typically very clean, and the lines go pretty quick even when they are long.

But no movie is complete without a blue ICEE (in my opinion, of course) and they never let me down!  I love that our theater sells reusable cups at the beginning of the year that we can use throughout the year.  It means that I get my ICEE (or any other beverage) for only $3 instead of $5.

Next on my list of movies to go see are Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, The Legend of Tarzan, The Infiltrator, Ghostbusters, Star Trek, and Jason Bourne.  My theater is also going to show Fight Club next weekend so that’s a MUST SEE.  I can’t wait!  Such a killer movie.

Anyway, thanks for reading!  If you have any movie suggestions or thoughts about the ones I’ve talked about please share!

Enjoy the sun and moon, WriterlyBite Patrons!