December 2015

Amateur Writer Phase 2

In September of this year I shared with readers my amateur attempt at writing a novel.  Since then, I started and finished the final quarter of my graduate program, started working part time, and had overwhelming family issues to handle.

As you might assume, I have not added very many pages since I last posted.  However, I have added to it!  That’s something, if you ask me.

I’ve determined who my villain is (I think this is finally set in stone) and the background story of my protagonist.  Also in the works is a romance between my protagonist and her ultra-hot, mysterious, southern neighbor.

Some things I’m considering:

  • Perhaps my protagonist needs a dog.  A big, fluffy, lovable “guard dog.”
  • Perhaps the fluffy dog will have a sophisticated name combined with a clumsy personality.
  • Perhaps my protagonist needs a different occupation.
  • Perhaps the romance of the novel will be something of a Stephanie Plum nature – complicated but layered with humor.
  • Perhaps, the novel needs more round and interesting characters, unless I decide to keep it in heavily drenched in the psychological.  In which case most of my characters could be flat and merely props.

These are just a few things I’ve been considering.  I’ve also been considering posting a portion of what I have written for outside critique.  But I so hate rejection and as of right now I quite enjoy what I have written.  It needs work – a lot of work.  But I enjoy it.  I think it has potential.  Even if that potential ultimately leads to self-publication and it only being read by friends and family.  That would be a success to me!

I will report again once three more months have passed and we shall see where the novel has progressed to.

Happy reading, writing, living, and loving!

Enjoy the sun and moon, WriterlyBite patrons.



Getting Myself Writing

I’ve decided to start trying to complete some form of creative writing on a more frequent basis.  I don’t always have the inspiration (or time) to dedicate to my amateur novel – though it is constantly tumbling around in my head.  I get writers block easily when something doesn’t come out exactly as I want it to which leads to the slippery slope of me ignoring it until inspiration strikes.  My hope is that these other bits of creative writing will help jump start or inspire my novel, and perhaps they themselves will turn into something larger in the future as well or even become part of my novel.

Today, I picked out a fun prompt I found weeks ago and took a shot in the dark at a free write.  Turns out I really like where it’s going.  I see short story potential which is exciting!  So I’m going to Continue reading “Getting Myself Writing”

How To: Deal with an Aging Loved One

“Deal” in the title of this post can be read a few ways.  What I mean here is how to deal with personal emotions regarding your loved one.

My grandfather had his first major heart attack at 40.  Since then he has had so many he could be in a record book.  One weekend at the beginning of this year he had six sizable heart attacks.  I repeat, six distinct heart attacks in ONE weekend.

He is the definition of a trooper, and the best part is that he makes it through it all with a smile on his face.  Unlike most sickly patients, he decided a long time ago that Continue reading “How To: Deal with an Aging Loved One”

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