My grandfather recently passed and I’ve been in a bit of a creative slump.  So the last few weeks I have made it a mission of mine to do more writing and be more creative.  I came across this prompt in my Pinterest from a while ago and thought that it might help get some of the weight I’ve been feeling about his passing.  I originally pinned this prompt because I found it to be interesting (although not fantastically new in any way) and when I came across it the other day it seemed morbidly fitting for my mood.  The good news is, my grandfather was always a very happy and light-hearted man and his funeral was much the same. 


Prompt:  Write a scene from a funeral from the point of view of the deceased.

“The Seventh Inning Stretch” by Sabrina Buie

It’s dark in this small, tight space.  But it’s comfortable.  I can rest easy without feeling like I need to do something or be somewhere.

But the room is so quiet.  Where is everyone?  I always have visitors to keep me company and it doesn’t sound like there is a single person coming to see me.  Wait.  I think I hear something.  It’s muffled but I think there’s someone outside the door.

It’s getting louder.  I wonder who’s here and if anyone is here to see me.  The doors are opening, they must be here for me!  I knew they would come, especially my sugarplums – they always come.

The room is abuzz despite the sadness I see on their faces as I emerge from the darkness.  I can’t believe how many showed up.  And all in Dodger blue and white!  My favorite.  What a great idea.  I wonder who is going to talk, if my sugarplum number one will say something.

One of my grandsons is the speaker and he made his speech baseball themed as well with Vin Scully as his inspiration.  It’s happy and upbeat and he’s making them smile; just like I wanted.

Here comes one of my handsome sons to the podium – handsome just like his dad.  His speech is wonderful and filled with stories of my old practical jokes from the second Tuesday of next week, to asking a young gentleman for a paint stretcher, to teasing my grandkids about lollipop trees.  He’s going to be ok even though he misses me and I can feel him shake as he stands sharing his memories with all our loved ones present.

Oh, my babies!  Two of my beautiful grandbabies are going to speak too.  They have grown up to be intelligent, beautiful women; I’m so proud.  They’ve both written poems but I can see my close sugarplum who always visits and spends so much time with me, letting me share stories with her and watching my TV programs with me, she is trembling.  I miss her too.  I’ll miss her until we meet again to “sit in embrace, below the lollipop tree” just like her poem said.

Tears well up in my eyes as my girls scamper back to their seats and my grandson asks if anyone else would like to speak.  There is silence and I realize my sugarplum number one – the love of my life – and the rest of my children don’t have it in them, and neither do my siblings.  And that’s ok.  I know they love me.

My grandson carries on with the ceremony and I watch the crowd as a slideshow of pictures begins to roll across the TVs at the front of the room.  Shuffling fills the room and settles slowly as the pictures fade in and out on the screens: my wedding picture, family friends, me and my wife with our kids and grandkids, pictures from our travels – the final picture of my love and I walking into the sunset.  The screens fade to black and the room is filled with quiet sobs; but it isn’t over.  A final picture of me appears, and a pretty good one too.  I look happy.  My grandson tells the room to stand for the seventh inning stretch and I chuckle.

They really did try to make the ceremony one of happiness instead of sadness.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – my family is the best.

The room stands and some cry while others smile, and I’m smiling because the room is filled with all of my best people.

So as I watch them go with puffy red eyes and tissues in hand I know they will be ok, because the love and memories created with each and every one of them will transcend my passing and live on in their hearts and in future moments when they share those memories with their loved ones.

It’s over but I can’t be sad.  My loved ones are celebrating my life – a life filled with true happiness and more laughter than any ever experience.  I will miss them and they will miss me but I will be watching and guiding from above, and I know they feel it.


His funeral really was Dodger themed and my brother did a wonderful job of brightening the mood on such a sad occasion.  If my grandfather had watched his funeral from the front of the room, this is how I think he would have watched and felt.  Although he probably would have sat with my grandmother, the love of his life and sugarplum number one, in the front row to comfort and love her at some point or throughout the ceremony.

My grandfather was in integral part of my life (like most of my family) and I will forever cherish the memories and laughs I had with him.  I hope to live my life with the same joy and fierceness that he did – although probably not quite as wild and free as he did in his younger days.  Friends and family…you know what I mean lol.

Life is fast and crazy so enjoy every moment, WriterlyBite patrons!

Enjoy the sun and moon ❤